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Common Clothes Moth Control London

Common Clothes Moth

Description: Adults can reach up to 7mm in length and have a wingspan of 10 to 20mm. The moths are a light, shiny gold or silvery colour, with a tuft of reddish hairs on the head.

Biology: Clothes moths rarely fly to lights at night and instead prefer darkness, such as a closet or storage chest. Any clothes moths fluttering around the house are probably males, because females travel by running, hopping, or trying to hide in the folds of clothing. The female lays 100 to 150 white eggs on the surface of the fabric which will hatch into larvae in approximately 5 days. The period of larval development is usually 6 weeks, during which time the larvae actively feed on the fabric, however this can take considerably longer under cooler conditions.

Control: Treatment is similar for all the textile moths. Examine cupboards and stored goods for larvae cases, moths, and damage to locate the source of infestation before treatment. Once the source has been identified treat/destroy as necessary. A residual insecticide can then be applied to wall/floor and ceiling/wall junctions and around carpet edges, back of empty wardrobes. If the infestation is present in a loft or roof space then the area can also be treated with a residual insecticide and/or a space treatment (ULV, smoke etc). Clothing and bedding should not be sprayed with insecticides.

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