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Biscuit Beetles (Stegobium paniceum L)

Photo of a Biscuit Beetle

Description: The Biscuit Beetle, also know as the Drugstore Beetle is 2-4mm in length, reddish brown in colour. Its head is tucked below the thorax, it has a pair of loose three-segmented club antennae, and the wing covers are finely ridged. The body is covered in very fine short yellowish hairs. Biscuit Beetle larvae are white with a yellow head and the body is fleshy and curved. This beetle is very similiar in appearance to the Tobacco Beetle and Furniture Beetle.

Biology: Often reported in bakeries, especially in bread coolers. Also found in warehouses, restaurant and hotel stockrooms. It is a pantry pest and can be found in stored food samples in labs and test kitchens. 20-100 eggs are laid in food material,hatching one to two weeks later. The larvae after hatching are only 0.5mm in length. Larvae chew through foodstuff and packaging making tiny holes. The larvae have four moults until fully grown at 5mm, this takes up to five months. The cocoon is formed in the food material and is covered with tiny food particles. Adult biscuit beetles hatch after about two weeks. The lifecyle completes in about 200 days at 17°C, but only 70 days at 28°C. Adults live for six to eight weeks and do not feed.

Control: The infested stock should be removed for disposal and the area cleaned and vacuumed if possible. The area should be treated with an residual insecticide. If in certain circumstances the insects are flying, then fogging/misting treatments can be carried out with ULV (Ultra Low Voulme) insecticide. Install crawling insect monitors and if sited keep a check on the catch tray contents of fly killers. We offer professional advice and treatment of biscuit beetles in the London area, please contact pest control london on 0800 378825.

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