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Brown House Moths Control London

London Brown House Moth

Description: This species is found thoughout the United Kingdom. Brown moth with dark spots approximately 10mm in length, wing span 15 to 26mm. The wing tips have a hairy/feathery appearance and the wings themselves have dark brown spots (although these can easily be rubbed off).

Biology: The larvae of these insects can cause considerable damage when they feed on articles that contain wool, mohair, fur, hair, feathers and other products of animal origin. The brown house moth will also feed on other organic debris including dried or mouldy food waste. The female lays 100 to 600 white eggs on the surface of fabrics that can hatch into larvae from 8 to 110 days. The period of larval development is 71 to 145 days, during which time the larvae actively feed on fabrics etc.

Control: Locate the source of infestation before treatment. Spilled foodstuffs and other waste material should be cleaned up; where old bird's nests are present they should be removed and destroyed. Where necessary an approved insecticidal powder can be applied to wall/floor and ceiling floor junctions and around carpet edges, both sides of carpets should be treated. Insecticidal polishes may be useful for treating woodwork and flooring. If the infestation is present in a loft or roof space, the structure should also be treated with a residual insecticide and/or a space treatment (ULV - Ultra Low Volume, smoke etc).

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